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  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card
  • BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card

BLUETOOTH - HDMI Acquisition Card

HDMI Acquisition Card -



  • plug and play, no drive, no computer, support edge recording while playing games, a key recording operation simple and convenient;
  • the fuselage comes with 4GB of RAM and supports USB or portable harddisk expansion.
  • composite terminal interface (HDMI+YPbPr+AC)/.3.5mm audio interface.
  • support Windos 7/8 (32/64 bit), Windows vista (32-64 bit) system.
  • hd line/color difference line/edit software/power adapter/instruction manual.
  • power adaptor (British/American/European regulation) can be matched according to customer's requirements.
  • the back cover network is conducive to heat distribution

The free drive does not require a computer resolution of 1080P videocollection box hd video game collection card collection box.

With hd video collection box, you can collect the highest 1080P hd video files, such as blu-ray, set-top box, game console, camera and so on, through the HDMI interface or color difference interface

Product specification parameter
Video input Digital:HDMI
Simulation: color difference
Audio input Digital:HDMI
Simulation: 3.5MM microphone input
Note: when the HDMI input, the HDMI output is not a microphone
 signal output
Audio output Digital: HDMI (HDMI or color difference component video signal 
  Digital: HDMI (via HDMI or 3.5MM audio input)
Storage U disk, mobile hard disk
Note: do not support EXFAT format
Resolution Input / output
Note: recording and output video resolution is consistent with the
 input, without support for improving resolution
Recording format Video: MP4
Recording quality Maximum: 1080P, 30 frames / sec
Record file Maximum: 2GB, a file
Recording space Maximum: 140MB minutes, 8.4GB/ hours

1.INPUT:HDMI Video input 

2.OUTPUT:HDMI Video output 

3.LINE IN:Audio input 

4.MIC:Microphone input 

5.DC 5V:Power input5V-1A 

6.SUB:Used to insert a U disk or a USB hard disk box to store the recording content

7.Y,PB,PR:Color difference video input 

8.LED:Yellow light power indicator, recording status is a red light 

9.REC:Start recording the key and stop the recording button

Connection description 

HD video capture box has two video input options: HDMI and color difference, can automatically identify the input video source, do not need to manually switch 


while entering the two signal source, power later, if the previous power is HDMI signal input then first identify the HDMI signal, if the first power before the color difference signal is the first to identify the color difference signal 


After the connection is good, you must be able to get the image and sound on TV or on the monitor, and the yellow indicator is always on. Now the collection box is ready to record. Press the record button to turn red light, 


if you press the record button, the indicator light does not change,

perhaps there are several reasons 

1 input video signal source is not connected well 

2.U disk or removable hard disk to full or not plugged in 

3.U disk or removable hard disk format is not appropriate, supports FAT,

FAT32, NTFS format 

4.U disk or mobile hard disk is not ready, the general need to insert the

4-8 seconds after the time 


If you want to stop recording, you only need to press the record button, you will see the lights flashing a few times after the change is yellow, then you can stop the recording, you can pull the storage device 


Note: when the indicator light flashing, please do not pull off the U disk or mobile hard disk, otherwise it may be missing part of the recording file, if the U disk or mobile hard disk recording full, the collection box will automatically stop recording, will not damage or missing before the recording file 

product content

  • Video capture box..................1pcs 
  • power adapter......................1pcs
  • Software CD.........................1pcs
  • Instruction manual .................1pcs


sometimes you will find that the recording file is missing, and that might be because you are using the NTFS format storage device, or you may end up out of your computer . If you are trying to exit the security exit or do not solve this problem, please change the storage device format to FAT32 and try again" 



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