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  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1
  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1
  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1
  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1
  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1
  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1
  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1
  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1
  • HDMI SWITCHERS - HDMI Switcher 4x1


HDMI Switcher 4x1 -



  • The output interface supports Audio Return Channel(ARC)
  • Supports MHL function,it can connect the mobile phone supports MHL function to the TV
  • Supports multiplexed HDMI 3/4-input and 1-output
  • HDMI v1.4 supports: 4k*2k@30Hz - -3D
  • Deep Color support 36/30/24    Audio EDID select function


This is a high performance multi-functional HDMI switcher with three/four HDMI inputs & one HDMI output. This HDMI switcher with one Toslink interface, one Coaxial interface and one earphone jack to output audio. The switcher has the function of ARC (audio return channel), which means it can turn back the audio signal from the TV which supports ARC to the external sound system through the Toslink or Coaxial interface. Allows you to have high quality audio enjoyment.

This switcher also supports MHL function,it can connect your mobile phone that have MHL function to the TV, allows you to browse pictures, video audio files in your mobile phone on the big screen HDTV.


Video Bandwidth 300MHz/10.2 Gbps
Input Ports 3/4*HDMI (Female type)
Output Ports 1*HDMI (Female type)
Output Resolution 480~1080p50/60,4k*2k@24/30,VGA~UXGA
HDMI Cable In 1080p/12bits (15m)
HDMI Cable Out 1080p/12bits (15m)
Power Supply DC 5V/1A
Dimensions 60mm(W)*114mm(D)*22mm(H)    
Weight 170g 
Chassis Material Metal
Operating Temperature 0°C~40°C/32°F~104°F
Storage Temperature -20°C~60°C/-4°F~140°F
Relative Humidity 20~90%RH (Non-condensing)
Power Consumption 2W(Will increase when use the MHL function)


Diagram of Interfaces

ARC/Selected Key:

Selected:Quickly press this key once to select the input source in turn.

ARC: Hold down this key for 3 seconds to open or close the ARC function.

    2CH/5.1CH Key: 2 CH/5.1CH output selection key.

IR: Remote control receiver.

ARC/Power LED: 

Power LED: Power indicator red light, it will turn up after correctly connected the specified power adapter.

ARC LED: ARC function indicator light. It will turn to green from red after you enable the ARC function.

5.1 LED: This LED turn up when the audio output EDID select to 5.1CH audio mode and turn off when the audio output EDID select to 2CH audio mode.

In1,In2,In3,In4/MHL LED: Input channel status indicator light .

In1,In2,In3,In4/MHL Source: Use these interfaces to connect the input sources such as the mobile phone supports MHL function(In4/MHL), DVD,PS3,Set-top Box, laptop, etc.

 Toslink OUT: This interface is where you connect to the amplifier speaker system with Toslink cable.

Coaxial OUT: This interface is where you connect to the amplifier speaker system with coaxial cable.

L/R OUT: This interface is where you connect to the earphone or amplifier speaker system. The audio supports LPCM only, When HDMI input is compress audio file format (Dolby, DTS,DTS-HD, etc),this stereo audio output will be silent. 


Output: This interface is where you connect to the HDTV or monitor with HDMI cable.

ARC: Audio Return Channel, which can turn back the audio signal from the TV local program to the external amplifier sound system through this interface. Not only save the audio cable connect TV to the amplifier, but also can achieve 5.1 channel surround sound effect which TV can not reach.

If you need to use ARC, your HDTV must support this function. 

DC 5V: Connect 5v DC power adapter to the switcher. Please use the standard power adapter belongs to this switcher.

Operating and Connecting

1.Connection and Operation Instructions

2.Connect the signal sources such as Blu-Ray Player, Play Station 3, audio/video receiver, satellite receivers and computers equipped with HDMI output interface      to the HDMI switcher inputs with a HDMI cable.

3.Connect the HDMI output from the HDMI Switcher to a high-definition display device with HDMI input interface such as HD display, HD projector, HD TV, etc.

4.Please use high quality standard HDMI 1.4b cables.

5.Application Instructions

6.As HDMI becoming the standard plug on most new devices, it's hard to have enough ports on your TV/display for all your devices to stay plugged in. This switch     will increase the life of your HDMI port and you will no longer have to crawl behind the TV to switch devices that are plugged into your TV.

7.With the development of science and technology, our playback devices are designed to be more and more thin and light, due to the excessive pursuit of volume,  these devices set only the 3.5mm earphone audio interface and leave out Toslink and coaxial interface which can transmit Multi Channel HD audio signal. The retained earphone port can only transmit 2-channel audio signal. For the user who is in pursuit of high definition audio enjoyment, this multi-function switcher can send the separated audio signal through the HDMI channel to the amplifier stereo system by the Toslink and coaxial interface. Then you will have great enjoyment of the high definition audio video.

MHL Function Connection Diagram

Connection and Operation Instructions

Connect the tablet PC or phone which supports MHL function to the IN4/MHL input interface with a special MHL cable. Connect the HDMI Output/ARC interface of the switcher to the HDMI input interface of the TV. Connect the headphone/ Coaxial / Toslink interface of the switcher to the amplifier with an audio cable.

Application Instructions

After making the correct connection, this switcher can send the photos and videos in mobile phone to the TV displayer and send the audio to the amplifier. Allows you to get enjoyment of the big screen and high quality video audio.

ARC Function Connection Diagram

Please use high quality genuine 1.4b HDMI cable and high quality Toslink or coaxial cable when you connect the devices to each other.

Application Instructions

If your TV is smart TV, how to enjoy the 5.1channel audio when you plug the U disk directly in the TV to play the HD video? According to the traditional way, it is necessary to be decoded by using the Toslink / coaxial digital audio output port on the TV and connecting it to the amplifier. Now that is simple, the digital audio will directly be turned back to the amplifier through the HDMI cable that connected TV and the switcher to decode the digital audio 5.1 channel.

In European and American countries, a lot of HD TV programs are directly received into the TV via wireless signal through antennas. If the TV without Toslink / coaxial audio output interface(a lot of TV with HDMI but no digital audio interface), it will be unable to decode multi-channel HD audio signal. At this point, the HDMI ARC function can come in handy. It use HDMI input cable to reverse the digital audio to the amplifier through this switcher to decode and play it.

Package Contents

HDMI Switcher......................................1pcs

5V/1A DC power adapter......................1pcs

Remote Control....................................1pcs

User’s Manual......................................1pcs


1.Please use the machine as the instruction listed to keep the long lifetime of it.

2.Please do not expose this unit to the damp, high-temperature, dusty, erosive, or oxidative environment.

3.All parts will be free from the strong shake, hit, fall.

4.Please do not touch the power adapter plug with wet hands.

5.Please hold the plug when unplugging. Do not pull the power cable directly.

6.Please turn the unit off when it is not in use for a long period of time.

7.Please do not open the cover and do not touch the inside parts.


Before switching on the converter, please check all the cables carefully and make sure all the interfaces are connected correctly. The common problems and the relevant solutions are showed as follows.

No Problem Description Solutions
1 Non-Power-Connected 1.Check if the power adapter plug is safely inserted the power socket.
2.Check if the specification of the power adapter is consistent with the user manual.
2 No Sound/ Abnormal Sound 1. Confirm the sound channels and the interfaces are well connected.
2. Confirm the input audio format is supported format.
3. Confirm the amplifier /TV set volume is not be muted
3 No Picture/ Abnormal Picture 1. Please make sure the signal source and the TV are turned on and connected to the item correctly.
2. Check whether the signal source output has been set to HDMI output.
3. Device EDID read error, please reboot.
4. Please use HDMI 1.4b standard cable.



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